What is Taekwondo? – Tae Kwon Do (also referred to as Tae kwon do) is the skill of self-defense that originated from Korea. It’s recognized among the earliest types of fighting techniques on the planet, reaching go back over 2,000 years. The name was selected because of its appropriate description from the art: Tae (feet), Kwon (hands), Do (art).

History of Tae Kwon Do

Among the earliest clues of Tae Kwon Do’s existence is really a mural colored on your wall of the tomb which was built in the Korean kingdom of Koguryo, between 37 BC and 66 AD. Enter shows two unarmed figures facing one another inside a Tae Kwon Do style stance. Additional sketches within the tomb show figures performing blocks and putting on uniforms much like individuals utilized in present day Tae  Kwon Do training.

The growth of Tae Kwon Do and it is techniques developed because the country of Korea developed. You will find examples and the proper reputation for Tae Kwon Do learning almost all the records from the different kingdoms that existed inside the country through the centuries.

The greatest type of the traditional art was achieved within the kingdom of Silla. This small country regularly faced attacks and opposition from bigger and more important areas. Consequently, the ruler of the kingdom, King Jin Heung, established a top-notch number of players known as the “Hwarang” or “Flower of Youth”.

The Hwarang contained the sons of nobles inside the kingdom. These were carefully selected and formally been trained in every aspect of military skills including unarmed combat, which at that time was referred to as Tae Kyon. It’s significant the Hwarang have formed not just the significance of developing their physiques, however their minds and spirits too.

Additionally, to fighting techniques, the young players were instructed ever, poetry, and philosophy. The human body of a study was referred to as Hwarang Do. The Hwarang acquired skills not just for the fight, however for daily existence.

This relates straight to modern Tae? Kwon ?Do training, which supplies self-defense skills in addition to improved character, self-discipline, and confidence that may be put on any task.

Following a Silla empire came the Koryo Empire (935 AD – 1352 AD) that Korea got its name. Fighting technique practice referred to as Subak Do, grew to become common as a structured sport with detailed rules.

The royal family backed competitions and demonstrations, and fighting technique grew to become deeply rooted in Korean culture.


Tae kwon do assist you to build trust. Based on research printed by “The Game Journal” in 2004, students of tae kwon do progressively elevate in confidence because they required training. The study discovered that a part of what helped students gain confidence was getting involved in public tae kwon do demonstrations and performances. Students also acquired confidence when contriving a speech regarding their own history in Tae Kwon does include in the promotion to the stage of black belt.


Based on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, tae kwon do you to increase health and fitness. It offers aerobic activities, for example, blocking drills in addition to anaerobic activities for example sparring. Training activities for example pushups assistance to build strength, while kicking drills help versatility. Tae kwon do also burns calories in the rate of 5.06 calories each minute. Which means that you’ll burn 50 calories in only under ten minutes of tae kwon do


Self-defense was the fundamental reason for tae kwon do, as well as for many it’s its primary advantage. Master tae kwon do instructor John Malik, writing at TKD.internet, states that tae kwon do provide self-defense skills which are essential for everybody to understand.

It teaches students how you can reduce the probability of an injury from the fall or attack. Also, it can help individuals to avoid potentially existence-threatening assaults. Malik notes that tae kwon do isn’t about violence but about staying away from victimization.


Tae kwon do instill discipline in the students. Students must work with many years to hone and excellent their skills. Tae kwon do master Chris Perry informs “The Parthenon” that practicing tae kwon do is much like digging a properly.

“You can dig 5 or 6 ft and you may never make it happen to embark to,” Perry stated. “You will preserve on learning. Once you begin any fighting techniques, you need to stick to it.Inch This lengthy-term focus helps you to build discipline in students.