Witch hazel isn’t the most typical plant inside your medicine cabinet, but it features a quantity of health advantages, including its role being an astringent and anti-inflammatory compound, able to reducing infections, speeding healing, protecting the skin and hair, eliminating hemorrhoids, balancing hormones, soothing discomfort and settling the stomach, among many more!

benefit of witch hazel tea

Witch Hazel

Produced from the witch hazel shrub, scientifically referred to as Hamamelis virginiana, witch hazel is really a effective compound that’s been being used for centuries like a traditional medicinal practises. Various plant parts, such as the bark, stems leaving can be created right into a decoction and put on various areas of the body for relief. Because of its proven potency, witch hazel has explore a variety of commercial cosmetic and medical products. The initial organic composition of witch hazel causes it to be very valuable, particularly being an astringent substance. However, additionally, it has high amounts of tannins, flavonoids, eugenol, carvacrol along with other effective volatile components. A number of these might have strong effects on our bodies, even though most of the traditional claims haven’t yet been completely researched.

Because of how strong the extract and oil of witch hazel is, most traditional practitioners suggest diluting the it with water or perhaps a less potent carrier oil, for example virgin essential olive oil. Witch hazel will still have an impact, but there’s a lesser chance of skin irritation or inflammation consequently. For several years, commercial purposes of witch hazel were almost solely restricted to skin disorders, for example healing damaged skin or cleaning up the pores. Increasingly more health advantages have been located by using this plant, which makes it an essential resource that you should have inside your personal health arsenal!

Health Advantages Of Witch Hazel Tea

Skin Health: Of all of the health advantages provided by witch hazel tea, couple of are as famous since it’s impact on skin. Actually, for several years, it was among the just uses of the herbal decoction. You are able to to obvious up acne, skin psoriasis, boils and pimples, in addition to cracked skin, inflammation and rashes. Even if you’ve been bitten by a bug, or have hives, you may also topically apply witch hazel towards the skin. Again, you need to mix this by having an equal quantity of water, or some other sort of carrier oil. This could safeguard the wound or inflamed area from infection, as well as promote healing.

Speed Healing

With regards to cuts, bruises, abrasions along with other wounds, lots of people have switched to witch hazel for centuries. The organic compounds within witch hazel turn it into a effective astringent substance, meaning that it may assistance to tighten skin. This will make the recovery process considerably faster, and may slow lower bleeding of the open wound. However, with badly ruptured skin, it’s not recommended the application of witch hazel, as the strength of the constituents might cause more inflammation within the wound.


Possibly the 2nd-most typical utilization of witch hazel is to treat hemorrhoids. Because of the astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities of this specific decoction, it may be put on the inflamed tissues that comprise the hemorrhoid and supply relief. Be cautious when it comes to application, however, because of the potency from the decoction. Also, if you’re already on bloodstream-clotting medicine, make sure to call your physician before utilizing it.

Heal Respiratory System Tracts

There’s some evidence that witch hazel may have a positive impact on the respiratory system tracts within the situation of sore throats, inflammation from the vocal guitar chords, irritation from coughing, along with other issues coping with the throat. Witch hazel, when made by means of a tea, instead of while using extract or concentrated oil, could be gargled for rapid relief. This could eliminate soreness and discomfort, whilst drying out excess mucus, that is where infections frequently develop.

Soothe Pains and Aches

Like a topical medicine, witch hazel established fact because of its effects on inflammation connected with joint disease, in addition to sore joints and muscles brought on by workout, injuries, or advanced age. Mixing with equal parts water or virgin essential olive oil, apply it towards the affected region and permit the tannins and antioxidants work.

Eliminate Headaches

The astringent qualities of witch hazel are visible in full effect when accustomed to soothing headaches. You are able to topically apply its extract around the temples, which could ease the strain from the small capillaries that frequently cause headaches. Furthermore, you are able to brew a mug of witch hazel tea to consume, that ought to ease bloodstream pressure and relax the throbbing muscles or bloodstream vessels which are causing your discomfort.

Ease Digestion

Witch hazel has been utilized like a stomach tonic for several years, even though only a tiny bit of witch hazel teas are needed, it’s particularly effective when combined with lavender or mint. This mix is known to obvious in the signs and symptoms of IBS, in addition to diarrhea and dysentery, by stimulating the defense mechanisms and reducing inflammation brought on by potential bacteria within the gut.

The monthly period Relief

For ladies who are suffering particularly heavy periods, witch hazel may be used due to its astringent qualities. This could slow the bleeding occurring during the monthly period and lower discomfort and inflammation from the groin. This will also help along with other signs and symptoms of the monthly period, for example bloating and cramps. Based on your unique medical problem, it may be ideal to talk with your doctor before adding it for your health regimen.

Defense Mechanisms

Studies have proven that witch hazel has the capacity to stimulate the defense mechanisms and positively eliminate pathogens and foreign agents in your body, because of its antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. This really is apparent within the herbal decoction’s effect onto the skin, however, when drunk in tea form, it is also an all natural booster to your state of health.

Final Word of Warning

Only small quantities of witch hazel are needed so that it is effective, especially in the situation of dental consumption. Excess dental consumption can lead to dizziness, rash or nausea. When it comes to topical applications, utilize it moderately, and combine it with the same quantity of water or any other carrier oil, for example, virgin essential olive oil, for the best results.